Pomfret fry with Rawa

Hi guys! I will not start by saying just “Happy New Year”. With one of a challenging year we have been spending, I will wish you all a hopeful and a safe new year. I will keep this post short. To me, the last day of the year holds as much significance as the first year. In fact, all the days of the year are different in their own ways. The last day of the year is what we call the New Year’s eve and this time I have tried the fried Pomfret fish seabeach style. Recipe given below.

If you are single and all by yourself, no worries. As I have told you, I am always there to hear you out. I have spent many special occassions all by myself and I know its challenging. However, we always have our parents by our side. So, we are never single in this world. If you are single, try out the following things. I am sure they will help you cherish this eve like no other.

  1. Buy yourself gifts – Either buy yourself some amazing gifts or treat yourself with a wonderful book. You will surely want yourself to be happy first.
  2. Treat yourself with a wonderful dinner – No wonder, your mind and soul needs amazing food. Either cook something special or order some special savouries. I have bought bunch of cakes and burgers to treat myself this year. I have also cooked something delicious. See above 🙂 :). So, whats your menu?
  3. Select a movie from Netflix or any portal you like – No point in going to the movie hall amidst this pandemic if you are not hell bent on seeing pictures on big screen. Select a nice movie in Netflix or Amazon Prime and turn on some dim lights. I like watching Christmas special movies in this festive season and have watched a bunch of those. Will write a separate post on this recommending some great movies. Whats your take on this?
  4. Turn on light music and dim lights – Well, nothing can be as mesmerizing as turning on dim lights and tuning in to soothing music on a eve. Try out and then thank me 🙂


Wash the pomfret pices and make slits. Marinate with vinegar or lemon juice, red chilli powder, salt, turmeric and ginger garlic aside. Keep it aside for half an hour. In a non stick pan, heat oil. On a separate plate, spread rawa or sooji and add salt. Coat the fish pieces in it and then add to the pan. Fry on one side well before turning to the other side. Serve it hot with onion, chillies and lemon.